Soul Xocolatl

Bliss was born from my own journey into health, many years of research, and the sacred path of motherhood. The motherhood led me to ask myself what were the best foods to offer to my baby in a world where most of the foods are compromised. While studying Holistic Nutrition, super foods, healing foods and kids nutrition, I have created a unique product to nourish myself and my baby, which later on became the signature product in my coaching program facilitating my client's health journey with great success.

"Seeking for years a healthy and nutritious xocolatl without finding anything on the market, nothing up to my standards for conscious living, nothing safe to offer to a child, intrigued, yet empowered, I was set out to find a better solution to share with the world... I discovered after, trying countless products that many of the natural and organic brands were either not really safe, raw, or they weren't really as organic as I would have liked. Feeling a little duped and upset, I've decided that I would have better control over the production and quality of the foods in my life if I created my own products, whether is xocolatl, skin care products, or any other food."

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