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Bolthouse Farms

Our story begins in 1915 in Grant, Michigan where the Bolthouse family started farming vegetables. When William Herman Bolthouse took over the farm from his parents in 1938, he expanded and focused on the production and distribution of carrots. By 1950, Bolthouse Farms was a leading carrot supplier in the Midwest known for flavor and quality. In 1973, a second facility in Bakersfield, California was opened where year-round production was possible allowing broader distribution.

In the 1990s, Bolthouse Farms brought a breakthrough product to the marketplace. Frustrated with the waste in the carrot business, a local Bolthouse Farms grower peeled and cut “ugly” carrots into pieces and sold them in bags. With that simple act, baby carrots were born, transforming the entire industry. Baby carrots seemed to make Americans eat more carrots, helping to double carrot consumption in the U.S. in the decade after they were introduced.

For more than a century, Bolthouse Farms has been known as the innovation leader in growing and distributing carrots and high-quality, innovative branded products. Employing more than 2,200 people and still headquartered in Bakersfield in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, Bolthouse Farms is one of the largest carrot growers and distributors in the U.S. Guided by our vision – Plants Powering People – we produce and sell super-premium juices, smoothies, café beverages, protein shakes, functional beverages and premium refrigerated dressings all under the Bolthouse Farms® brand name.

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