Actual Veggies

Actual Veggies is creating delicious, chef-crafted, fresh & refrigerated burgers that celebrate vegetables instead of trying to mask them.

We're a team that believes in the power of real food and have set out to provide everyone with the most delicious and satisfying veggie burgers ever made. Actual Veggies' are committed to simple, clean ingredients and no scientific methods or processing. We're reducing environmental strain while also making tasty food options that are convenient and healthy too.

Actual Veggies debut product line features always fresh, substantial, 1/4 lb. vegetarian burgers, made with only real vegetables, natural binding units, no preservatives, and no additives. Our first four burgers are vibrantly colored and showcase their farm fresh veggies by looking and tasting like works of art. No labs, just kitchens. They don't taste like meat because they're not trying to, and that's okay because, well, veggies are great too! We are just what our name says — actual veggies — and always will be. Backed by Big Idea Ventures, Actual Veggies was founded in March 2020, and is available directly on Hungry Roots, Imperfect Foods, Fresh Direct, and Sprouts locations nationwide.

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