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Having followed her own journey towards healing from severe asthma and allergies as a child, Carla’s quest to understand what is forking up our health, led her to a fervent mission to empower our family of humanity with real organic crave-able nut-plant-based recipes that are touted by even hardcore omnivores to be “so crave-able you’ll never miss meat.” Carla’s unrelenting desire for truth uncovered a deep knowledge of toxic ingredients that have created “a sickcare system” that is directly related to systemic soil devastation that began with GMO’s, glyphosate and neurotoxic ingredients creating the unperfect storm to unleash a pandemic explosion of chronic disease. Leading endocrinologists warn that by 2060 our human population will no longer be able to reproduce and that by 2035, together, we will face a full health and economic collapse with 1 in every 3 children being devastated by autism and 1 in every 2 children to adults have cancer. This is the tip of the iceberg. “Never before have we faced together a pandemic explosion of disease which now threatens our very survival. Our ignorance is no longer bliss, it is deadly. “Know thy ingredients. All life depends on it.” Sizzling marketing ads with paid-for celebrity endorsements selling us “frankenmeats” as protein’s future, is not the answer or solution to the very real perils we face together around animal agriculture. For decades, dairy and meat ads are “engineered” to evoke sentiments of family, love, nourishment, telling us what does our body good.

Six years into my journey, then came my awakening to the truth that “The Dirty Dozen” or “Clean 15” didn’t protect my body from glyphosate and other deadly neurotoxins being sprayed all over my garbanzo beans (hummus) as a “drying” agent and tragically I learned that this deadly neurotoxin was everywhere, tested in every non-organic hummus—WTF! If it wasn’t organic, there was no protection… OHHHH MY!!! As a documentary filmmaker and lover of truth “down the rabbit hole I went” and interviewed our world’s leading endocrinologists to learn that the pandemic explosion of chronic disease, cancer and autism is traceable to the exact moment that GMO’s and glyphosate entered our soil/plant food supply… Glyphosate is a classified water-soluble antibiotic medicine and it’s lurking in nearly every non-organic food we’re putting into our bodies. GLYPHOSATE DESTROYS YOUR GUT BIOME. YIKES! NOT OK!! AND, NO PROBIOTICS IS NOT ENOUGH!

Six years into what I now call “A Food Industry Gone Sour,” I’ve learned that there’s a lot of marketing celeb sizzle and hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into new beyond impossible for our bodies to assimilate these man-made highly processed nutrient-void glyphosate rich “frankenmeats” touting to be the “solution” and protein’s future. This is a 100% absolute abomination to our body temple’s health and a devastating disaster to our planet and all sentient life as well. Once I woke up to the franken-horrors of ingredients laced in the health slaughter of even our “plant-based” foods, I set out on a mission to fuel my passion for cooking and sharing truth, to help us all wake up to unite to make a difference in our world—for the sake of my children, our fur babies and my grandchildren’s children.

Some have argued, if I’m saving an animal’s life than I’m OK with eating these artificial man-made meats. Just the oxygen mask analogy, how can you make a difference and be the change if your body’s immune system in in breakdown and you aren’t in thriving health?

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