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Welcome to the world of rich, natural plant-based flavor.

Imagine sitting at your table for a hearty breakfast that’s entirely vegan.
But wait, there's a sunny-side-up egg in there, that looks exactly like an egg, and it's completely vegan too!
Now stop imagining. This vegan egg is a reality.
Sunny-side-up eggs are a basic feature of popular breakfasts and dozens of world-favorite traditional dishes in various cuisines and styles. So, as part of the global trend to develop plant-based versions of animal-based foods, we have decided to surprise the world with a certified vegan version of this so popular and appealing dish.

Yo! perfectly simulates the sunny-side-up egg we all love, with all its distinct advantages and without the disadvantages:

• Appearance: you can't tell the difference.
• Touch: true to the original, including a liquid yolk at the center.
• Taste: it's just so delicious!
• And no less important: the amount of protein and nutritional values are very similar to that of a chicken egg.
Completely safe
Yo! Is safe for pregnant women, babies, children and anyone else, free of egg-associated pathogens such as salmonella.
No cholesterol
Yo! is made from 100% vegetal ingredients and is therefore completely cholesterol free.
No limits
Yo! may be consumed without restriction, unlike chicken eggs which, as we've all been told, must be consumed with moderation.

Yo!'s sunny-side-up egg will soon be available for the institutional market, cafes, restaurants, caterers, banquet halls and hotels in Israel and Europe.

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