Yantai Oriental Protein Tech. Co., Ltd.

Yantai Oriental Protein Tech engages in R&D and wholesale of pea protein. 

Yantai is a pea comprehensive deep processing enterprise, which was founded on the basis of introducing scientific achievements from North Dakota State University(USA) and Zhaoyuan Sanjia Vermicelli & Protein Co., Ltd. in 2008.

With a registered capital of 5 million US Dollars and a floor area of 102,000 square meters, our company mainly deals in pea starch, isolated protein powder, concentrated protein power, and dietary fiber. Our top-quality starch is the essential raw material of vermicelli and high-class foods. As the optimal protein additive, our concentrated protein and isolated protein are applicable to milk, cookies, nourishment, and healthy products. Our company adopts the advanced pea deep processing technique and introduces the world's advanced pea production equipment. We own the first centralized-control automatic pea protein production line in China, annually processing 60,000 tons of peas, producing 7,000 tons of isolated pea protein, 15,000 tons of concentrated protein, 28,800 tons of pea starch, and 4,800 tons of dietary fiber.

Our company boasts advanced equipment, scientific process, a high automation level, stable product quality, environmental protection, and leading position in China in software and hardware due to the introduction of advanced process technology and equipment. Following the concept of "Constant Improvement" and the business philosophy of "High Quality", we are committed to producing safe, nutritional, and functional products. Our products are widely applied in food, medicine, and biology.

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