White Dog Labs

White Dog Labs, Inc. (WDL) was established in 2012 on the foundation of harnessing natural microorganism diversity to address global challenges in food sustainability, climate change and general human and animal nutrition. The company goes beyond discovery to also design and scale bioprocesses with end product application in mind.

Core to WDL discovery is our proprietary Protocol B™ process coupled with additional high-throughput selection techniques for the isolation and cultivation of microbiome-derived anaerobic microorganisms. Our approaches result in large, diverse and novel strain libraries informed through emerging applications in microbiome science, and yield promising solutions for animal nutrition and health. WDL has also advanced synthetic biology tools for Clostridia, thus coupling boundless natural diversity with directed innovation.

WDL has also invented a novel class of fermentation technology called MixoFerm™ that allows cultivation of previously “unculturable” bacteria while also improving the carbon efficiency of fermentation processes by 50 to 100%. MixoFerm is demonstrating the potential for unprecedented yields of bio-products on numerous sugar feedstocks, which improves economics for biobased production of products ranging from fuels and chemicals to protein ingredients and animal feed additives.

From its headquarters in New Castle, Delaware, WDL has scaled several animal nutrition products to multi-ton per month production scale, and is completing engineering on our first production facility in Nebraska. WDL is also discovering emerging opportunities, with an eye for human applications, at our Israeli subsidiary in Rehovot, Israel.

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