Vtopian Artisan Cheeses

Vtopian Artisan Cheeses is a 100% vegan Portland based business. We make cultured cashew cheese in small batches using organic fair-trade cashews and locally sourced ingredients. Our cheeses are cholesterol free and delicious. We want EVERYONE to enjoy original and unique artisan cheeses free from dairy and cruelty.

We work out of a completely vegan kitchen. We are passionate about making our cheese with organic ingredients and support local farms and businesses as much as possible.

We are different from other vegan cheeses because we don't add any artificial flavorings and we use healthy whole ingredients.

Our cheeses are high in magnesium helping lower blood pressure, good for bones, teeth and nerves. Rich in protein and iron, and are also heart and gut healthy.

We are a tiny business with high hopes and big goals. We are woman owned and run, and love being part of the Portland small business community.

**Please, let it be known that we do not have a store front/restaurant we are a wholesale distributor.**

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