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We joined forces at the beginning of 2018 with the mission to make the mass production of cow's milk superfluous. Since then, we have been working continuously to develop products based on vegetable proteins that beat animal dairy products in terms of taste, nutritional values ​​and sustainability. Because we are firmly convinced that the world needs a change from animal to plant proteins:

For a new generation of food

Moritz is a food technologist and trained chef from the star gastronomy. He cooked in several Michelin star restaurants before his enthusiasm for natural sciences led him to study at the Technical University in Berlin.

Nicolas is a former competitive athlete and nutritionist for vegan professional athletes. While studying at Oxford, he became firmly convinced that food has a huge impact on our health and our planet. Since then he has been a passionate vegan.

Niklas is a lawyer, although he always wanted to be a doctor. After studying at Oxford, he worked as a management consultant for a few years before he could devote himself to his passion for health and nutrition again at vly. He holds vly together when Moritz & Nicolas dream too much again.

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