Vivera is a European brand for conventional and organic meat alternatives (components, ingredients and snacks)

The Vivera assortment consists of raw and precooked products divided into four categories: Basic, Organic, 100% Vegetable and Meat product replacements.

Most Vivera products are based on soy beans. However, there are also products based on chickpeas, corn, rice and potatoes.

Almost all Vivera products contain vitamin B12 and the mineral iron. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the building of tissue. If you do not eat animal products, you will need to obtain this vitamin from products enriched with vitamin B12, such as some fruit juices, breakfast cereals, enriched soy milk and enriched meat replacement products, such as the Vivera products.

Vivera is conscious of its social responsibility and is therefore always looking for sustainable solutions related to all areas of its industrial processes. In our new production factory numerous measures have been taken to minimise CO2-emissions.
Another example is that the dishes in which the Vivera products are placed are made from recyclable PET material.

The cardboard packaging is made from cardboard approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The wood from which this cardboard is made originates from woodlands managed in accordance with the sustainable principles of the FSC.

Vivera applies very strict regulations regarding the purchasing of all its raw materials and consumables. The most important raw material for the Vivera products are soy beans.

The soy that is used to produce the Vivera products is derived from sustainable non-genetically modified soy beans. These soy beans are grown in accordance with sustainable guidelines, thereby saving the environment.

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