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The world is changing.
And so are we.

The thinking of new generations is going through a change of direction and catchwords like sustainability, environmental awareness, animal welfare and healthy living are no longer just terms, but new attitudes to life.
We support these changes with vegini – the new protein-rich way of pure pleasure.

vegini is not just “instead of meat” – vegini is so much more: 100% plant-based delight, made from pea protein, without added flavourings and preservatives. Furthermore, our products are protein-rich, free from soy, gluten and lactose and of course GMO-free. In a nutshell: good for you and your environment.

For us as an Austrian company, best taste, highest quality, as well as a sustainable production are highest priority. Specifically developed processes enable us to offer products with an unbelievably meat-like and juicy structure and fibrillation, without adding several additives.

Our wide variety of products leaves nothing to be desired – vegini is the perfect solution for anyone: for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians, but also for real meat-lovers!

We invite everyone to experience a new way of culinary delight.

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