We focus on upcycling surplus food at primary production (as globally this is the major source of overall food waste in the food value chain) and nutritious side-streams from industrial food production (eg. pulp from juicing process etc). There is need for an entity that can take the large quantities of surplus/ side-stream from farms/food industry respectively, have the technology in place to upcycle large quantities of surplus at lowest cost possible, meet the required regulations and specifications and be a supply source of the upcycled plant based ingredients for the growing demand from food industry. UpFood aims to be that entity with a mission to preserve all the food that is produced in the world. The most feasible approach is to use a single step process that can preserve and upcycle the surplus/ side-stream into shelf stable dried ingredients right at the source. Otherwise, with each additional processing and transportation step the production cost and CO2 footprint will increase. In addition, the technology itself needs to be sustainable with low CAPEX and OPEX and can functionally be implemented at farms and food industries around the world. UpFood utilizes its proprietary drying technologies to preserve and upcycle the surplus produce right at the source into nutritious shelf stable dried ingredients at competitive costs and using sustainable sources of energy. The dried ingredients can then be easily transported from farms, even from those located in remote regions with bad road conditions, to a central collection facility. From there,the ingredients will then be provided to food industries as per specifications for direct utilization or as new sources of extracting proteins and fibres etc. to meet the growing demand for plant-based products. Besides, our ingredients will provide engaging stories for our customer's brands to tell to their end-consumers. A pilot scale modular/mobile production unit will start pilot production in Denmark from September

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