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When making beer, brewers steep malted barley to give body and flavor. They keep the liquid to make beer and discard the grain. Turns out, these grains are SUGAR-FREE, packed full of PROTEIN AND FIBER and are incredibly flavorsome. So, WE ‘UPCYCLE’ THESE GRAINS with other natural ingredients to produce a range of delicious and nutritious snacks.


Our mission is to leave the planet better than before and that is why we rescue spent brewers grain, to reduce the reliance on new product creation and help the environment. We like to say we're saving the planet one snack at a time.


UGP Crackers - Rock Salt & Parmesan - perfect for any charcuterie board, as a scoop for dips or snacking solo.
UP Bars - a fiber filled bar that fits in your pocket for on-the-go adventures.
UP Bites - 5 bites per packet for snacking between work, school, the gym whenever you need a to fuel your hunger.

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