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UNREAL is on a mission to build a world where you can enjoy your favorite foods guilt-free, and they’re starting with indulgent snacks.

UNREAL reinvents chocolate snacks with simple ingredients, way less sugar, and a truly unreal taste. They prioritize clean, sustainable, non-gmo project verified ingredients for the good of our health, the planet, and the farmers.

All of UNREAL's items use fair-trade certified ingredients, because ethical sourcing matters. You won’t find soy ingredients, artificial flavors, chemical colors, preservatives or fillers in their chocolates. Just the best, natural, quality ingredients that put flavor first.

UNREAL uses up to 51% less sugar than the leading brand on an equal weight basis. They never cut corners by adding corn syrup, sugar alcohols, erythritol, stevia, or IMOs. Instead, UNREAL turns to organic cane sugar and just uses way less of the real thing. Try UNREAL’s nut butter cups, bars, and gems for a clean and delicious snacking experience.

UNREAL is available in stores nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Costco, Sprouts, Kroger, Wegmans, Market Basket, Stop and Shop, Giant, Natural Grocers, Shoprite, Publix and online at Thrive Market, Amazon and www.unrealsnacks.com.

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