The Mediterranean Food Lab

Foods that increase deliciousness are the basis of every great cuisine. For all of history, across the planet human beings have used animal protein to impart deliciousness and enhance the flavor of a wide range of foods. While the "meat replacement" space is growing at an unprecedented pace, most meat-analogues cannot emulate this central function animal protein plays in our food system. Meanwhile, our scope of plant-based deliciousness-enhancing foods is alarmingly narrow and limited to industrial materials (MSG, E627, etc.), Products from Southeast Asia with limited flavor profiles and and low-quality products with inferior flavor.

To reduce our dependence on animal protein, there is an immense need today to develop excellent plant-based products that impart and enhance flavor to a wide range of foods; naturally produced, healthy, richly flavored, highly nutritious, and most importantly - incredibly delicious.

We develop novel methods inspired by traditional fermentation technologies, to produce plant-based products which provide rich meaty flavor and body and improve the sensorial qualities of a wide range of meat-replacement needs.

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