The Coconut Collaborative

Behold, The Coconut Collaborative!

We're a small British company on a mission to create plant-based yogs and puds that are so delicious & creamy that you wouldn't believe that they are made from humble plants. Did we say humble? We meant mighty. But then again we're a little obsessed with plants.

Every one of our tasty pots is packed full of the natural goodness of plants. We've travelled the world to find the tastiest, best quality ingredients so you can be sure that every spoonful is as natural as it is yummy.

Every year, we work with Pur Projet and local communities to plant thousands of trees across south east Asia. Not only does this help support the fragile ecosystems we rely on for our tasty ingredients, but also provides a sustainable income for everyone involved.

Sold in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Finland and NZ!

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