Tetra Pak

We are specialists in complete solutions for the processing, packaging and distribution of food products. Dairy products, juices and nectars, ice cream, cheese, dry foods, fruits, vegetables and pet food are examples of products that can be processed or packaged in Tetra Pak® processing and packaging lines. We focus on keeping the consumption of all raw materials and energy to a minimum during both the manufacturing process and distribution. The processing solutions are also designed to treat the products gently.

In 2016 we packed 77.8 billion of litres in 188 billion packages. Tetra Pak is present in more than 175 countries around the world.

Our products are divided into several categories:
- Packages
- Processing equipment
- Filling machines
- Distribution equipment
- Service products

Find available packages, filling machines and processing applications suitable for your product by visiting http://www.tetrapak.com/packaging and http://www.tetrapak.com/processing

You can contact us at http://www.tetrapak.com/contact

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