At TeOra, we see a future where the increasing demand for Health & Disease Control compounds and peptides are met with clean & sustainable manufacturing methods.

​Just the way Nature taught us.

Using nothing but easily available natural resources, we leverage Nature's biofactories. No more synthetic or unsustainable methods & processes.TeOra takes on this global challenge and aims to lead the design & delivery of precision fermentation-based ingredients & proprietary biofactories. When there is a blueprint available in Nature, TeOra aims to biomanufacture with it.

'Ora’ or 'Aura' translates to “Life Force” in many native tribal languages. Most of these indigenous communities pride themselves in their symbiotic relationship with the natural world.These sentiments resound strongly in their responsible production and consumption practices to protect our planet's life-supporting capacity.

Motivated by such beliefs, TeOra uses Nature’s ingenuine biological processes as a guide to enable the clean and sustainable production of compounds & peptides.
Take nothing but inspiration from Nature.

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