On year 1989, SuXianZi & OKK Vegetarian Food Products Company was setup in Johor Bahru, as a manufacturer for vegetarian food products. Over the decades, the company has been augmented by the latest advanced equipments, which empower the production line to manufactures more than 100 types of vegetarian delicacies.
SuXianZi & OKK has a distribution network throughout Malaysia and Singapore; hence vegetarian may conveniently procure SuXianZi & OKK products in most vegetarian specialist shops. Besides, our products are also being exported to Australia, Vietnam, Mauritius, Thailand, Indonesia, England and other South-East Asian countries. The company intends to establish distribution centre in China, Korea, Japan, USA, India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and the Euro Union countries in the near future.

Primary focus
Business model
Protein category
Meat fish analogs
End product application

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