Suomisen Maito Oy (JYMY)

Just a cows gallop away from the dairy-farm, in the village of Aura, we found suitable premises for our new organic ice cream company. An old candy-factory nearby, where the famous Finnish Sisu – candies once were made, is now the home of JYMY, possibly the best Finnish ice cream.

The most genuine ice cream comes from the organic milk, that is brought to us on the morning, freshly milked, from cows gallop away, from the Suominen´s dairy-farm. In our small ice cream factory it meets the wild and pure berries, roasted coffee-beans, dark chocolate, vanilla – all of entirely organic origin, too.
Flavors created with passion are then frozen to be the fresh, delicious Finnish JYMY ice cream.

Our philosophy on milk and berries is based on fresh and local organic production, delightfully combined with a variety of internationally acquired flavor-ingredients, also grown organically, chosen with care and devotion. All ingredients are fulfilling our ambitious organic and additive-free standards.

The cows at the dairy farm, that give us their fresh milk, are fed only with GMO, fertilizer and pesticide free food, grown at own meadows. The way we choose and prepare our ingredients, influences directly to the taste and structure of the ice cream. That unique way of production makes Jymy Ice Cream so delicious.

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