SunP Biotech (part of a larger business)

SunP Biotech (SunP) is a high-tech research and manufacturing company specialized in 3D bio-printing and tissue engineering. Based on proprietary technologies, we are focused on the development of innovative 3D bio-printing systems and its application in the field of advanced drug discovery and testing, tissue/organ-on-a-chip, and personalized tissue engineering products.

Our current R&D products include:
- 3D bio-materials printing system
- 3D cell printing system
- Cell/Tissue/Organ-on-a-chip
- 3D Cell culture devices

The company was founded in 2014 and the development of SunP’s Core technologies dates back to the 1990’s. For about two decades, our founders have spent countless resources developing many of our newly commercialized products. Our products combines cutting edge bio-fabrication technologies from both the United States and China. We are committed to develop and commercialize the cutting-edge design, customization, and manufacturing of 3D bio-printing products.

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