Strong Roots

We started this journey with one product, and a radical thought: Food can be better. The modern diet is killing us, and the earth.

There are two food solutions that give us a chance to make a difference: Plant-based. And frozen. So we put those at the heart of what we create.

Starting with taste, then nutrition and then cost – both to you and to the planet - we are making it better. What you get with Strong Roots is simple, real food. Uncomplicated. Delicious. Better for you. And easy, to give you more time for everything else.

We work with the best producers in the world to source the finest vegetables and freezes them from the harvest to guarantee freshness and ensure nutrients are not lost in transportation. Our food is highly awarded, winning some of the industry’s most coveted taste awards. A great source of fibre, is vegan friendly and has no artificial flavours.

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