String Bio

String’s purpose is to commercialize next generation ingredients that enable sustainability and traceability in evolving value chains.

String Bio is in the business of manufacturing raw materials for Animal Nutrition, Agriculture, Human Nutrition and Personal Care sectors that are derived using a sustainable and traceable process. String, as one of the world leaders in gas fermentation, has a strong IP protected platform called SIMP (String Integrated Methane Platform) that enables production of high quality ingredients using methane. Our proprietary platform leverages advances in synthetic biology, fermentation technology, chemistry and process engineering.

Our mission is simple: To innovate at the cutting edge of biology, engineering and chemistry to enable sustainable and scalable solutions in sectors that are fundamental to living.

- Our impact is in enabling localized manufacturing that provide economically competitive alternatives.
- Our impact is in leveraging the carbon in greenhouse gases to build strong value chains.
- Our impact is in enabling safe, organic and natural options.
- Our impact is in enabling inherent circularity in living.

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