Stockeld Dreamery (formerly Noquo Foods)

We love cheese. We love yoghurt. Ice cream too, and so many other animal based products that are fundamental to our culture and heritage. But using animals to produce these treats is extremely wasteful and destructive.

In early 2019 we, Sorosh Tavakoli and Anja Leissner, founded Stockeld Dreamery (formerly Noquo Foods) to challenge the status quo and reinvent the foods we love, starting with cheese.

Stockeld Dreamery is a company where doers dare to dream, but even more so – where dreamers dare to do. We have a strong conviction that tastier and more nutritious alternatives to our favourite foods can be developed, we just haven’t tried hard enough. Our first vision is to create the world's most ambitious cheese. In 2021 we are launching our very first product to give you a taste of what we've been dreaming of.

Stockeld Dreamery is head-quartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Ready to share with the world our new take on cheese.

You can find the complete team here and read more about our founders below.

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