Soyavit Ltd is founded in year of 2006 with the main idea to produce and offer healthy, dietary and in the same time delicious soy foods. The food we consume is a reflection of our self-confidence and the care for our families, relatives and friends. In order of this we offer food products, manufactured by ecologically pure ingredients without genetically modified organisms, no added preservatives and contains natural and healthy for the body vegetable proteins, unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals and microelements. Our slogan is “Healthy food healthy body”. Our production could be found on the local and international markets and all products with trade mark “Soyavit” are always connected with high quality and correctness by our clients and partners. Soyavit® is a licensed international trademark. When you buy the products with the trademark Soyavit®,You buy not only delicious dietary food, but you preserve and gift your body with health.Soyavit company’s products are exported to South Africa, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Spain, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Malta. All this shows the excellent quality and taste of our products and trust amongst the customers.

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