Soya King

A sustainable source of protein, with all the health benefits and none of the disadvantages of meat production is a wonder to behold! Soya offers the chef a superb basis from which to experiment with herbs, spices and flavours to create the tastiest of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Our chefs have risen to the challenge of demonstrating just how good soya chaap cutlets can taste; balancing texture and flavour and developing delicious meat-free recipes designed to warm the cockles of your heart.

Soya Chaap Cutlets offer a perfect alternative to meat, delivering soya bean based protein which contains essential amino acids as well as a high vitamin and mineral content. Ideal for those just wanting to vary their diet or for committed veggies, this high quality plant-based protein contains no artificial colourings or preservatives and is great at showcasing fabulous flavours from around the world. As an alternative to meat, soya has had pride of place within the Chinese culture for 13,000 years and its sustainable credentials are now considerably more widespread within the Western world.

However adventurous your cooking skills, soya chaap cutlets are an inspired choice for a meat free source of protein and really can be the perfect base for creative recipes. Balancing texture and taste, soya cutlets are made using a fermentation process which locks in the goodness of the soya beans. The resulting meat-like cutlets are canned when the soya is fresh, capturing all the nutrients at their best and meaning that they have a long shelf life without the addition of harmful artificial colours or preservatives.

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