Sorvetes Hoba

Hoba is committed to sustainable development. We are vegan and we work giving preference to organic producers for the ingredients of our ice cream.

We have a line of fixed flavors, but we also create new ice creams with the fruits of each season. Keeping up with seasonality is a way of reducing waste, ensuring fresh, nutritious and very tasty fruit.

All of our recipes come from one of these bases: cashew nuts, banana biomass or the fruit itself. All ice creams are free of hydrogenated, trans fat, milk, egg, soy and all those ingredients that are bad for you or the environment.

And to sweeten? We eliminate ALL sugars that are abused by the traditional gelato industry. In their place, we sweeten with organic crystal sugar and erythritol. With that the lighter ice creams have less than 60kcal per serving :)

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