Sora Alimentos

SORA INDÚSTRIA DE ALIMENTOS LTDA, operates in the food market based on vegetable proteins and multigrain, also has a Vegan line.

Participating in the entire Brazilian market, it is a leader in sales in the North and Northeast regions of our country, develops and manufactures healthy and functional products aimed at contributing to people's health, well-being and quality of life.

Our Mission is to Develop and manufacture functional foods, 100% vegetable, Multigran and vegan and with outstanding flavor, which contribute to the well-being, health and quality of life of people and sustainability of the planet.

Our Vision is to be a Reference and highlight for the Brazilian and International market in the manufacture of functional, 100% vegetable, multigrane and vegan foods, and to promote a management focused on conscious and common capitalism among our partners and employees.

Primary focus
Business model
Protein category
Meat fish analogs
End product application

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