Sophie's Kitchen

1st to Market! Since 2010, Sophie's Kitchen Plant-Based Seafood has been
North America's best-selling seafood alternative. We use only real food
ingredients and patent-pending technologies to create our full line of
award-winning products: All 100% Vegan, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non GMO,
Kosher. Our products feature Konjac, an Asian staple, and are free of
common allergens. Perfect for any lifestyle from vegan, vegetarian or

flexitarian. Frozen, breaded: Crab Cakes, Shrimp, Fish Fillets.
Frozen/refrigerated: Smoked Salmon. Grocery: (canned) Toona: Black
Pepper and Sea Salt varieties.

Sophie's Kitchen strives to call attention to the increasingly serious
plight of the oceans, dwindling seafood sources, overcrowded fish farms,
slave labor and more....

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Meat fish analogs
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