Solabia Group

Present in the cosmetics, pharmacy, nutrition, biotechnology and microbiological diagnosis sectors, the Solabia Group, with its six production units, has complementary expertise that enables it to offer an extensive range of active principles and ingredients used throughout the world by the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries.

In three decades, Solabia has become an international group, the result of perfectly controlled internal and external growth.

Our research and development centres group together more than thirty international calibre researchers whose original expertise – driver of innovation – enables us to completely master the techniques of biocatalysis, enzymatic synthesis, fermentation and plant extraction. This complementary expertise enables us to create innovative products as well as partnerships with both our customers and internationally renowned research organisations.

By placing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among its priorities, our group confirms its commitment to sustainable development. All the company’s resources are mobilised to respond to the economic, social and environmental challenges and build a more responsible future together.

A strategy focused on innovation, a strong investment policy and the mobilisation of all its teams allows the Solabia Group to achieve its objectives: meet the requirements of its customers and its various markets.

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