Sineafoods s.r.o.

100% animal-free food products

Our mission is to offer the best of what nature offers in form of first-class, tasty, and healthy products. All our products are made with love and respect for nature and animals.

The idea behind the sinea brand was “It goes well without it” offering a quality plant-based alternative to animal products which is just as good and even better.
Why sinea? The name of our company is a combination of Latin “sine"​, meaning “without”, and the letter “a”, as the first of the word “animal"​.

Product development, process and quality control enhanced by thorough laboratory analyses and very selective procurement of raw materials contribute to the quality and excellent taste of sinea products. That’s why we can guarantee that you know what you eat.

We believe that it’s possible to be happy and healthy even without animal products. The quality and excellent taste of our products is based on developing new recipes, a thorough selection of ingredients, and our own development as well as production. Each product is analysed by third-party certified laboratories, so the information about our products and quality is guaranteed.

We are a retail as well as wholesale partner. We build strong relationships, based mainly on trust and a win-win formula. Direct communication is of utmost importance to us.

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