Shandi Ingredients

Since Shandi Ingredients was founded in 2016 in Singapore, As Shandi Global Pte. Ltd. and In 2018 , In India.
We preserve the valuable tradition of our Indian Food culture, With Contributing New possibilities in the realm of Flavouring.
For sure we are supplying and will supply the best product to meet our Customer's needs as trusted partner.
Food flavourings are indispensable in making processed foods delicious.
Our Development Department has many ways of approaching the task of enhancing the tastiness of these items.
In order to meet the varied and numerous flavour needs of our customers, The flavouring blending group creates flavourings from raw materials.
Flavourists create flavors that taste delicious and have their own unique qualities. Create flavourings specifically suit the customer's unique product concept.
We also inspect our materials and products using precise analytic methods, such as gas chromatography and GCMS, as well as conducting inspections using human senses, in order to offer our products with all assurance of their reliability.
It is Our ultimate goal for the next 100 years to improve our technologies and expertise even further, working together as a corporation that makes a useful contribution to the society, and to create high quality products that bring energizing flavours into people's lives.

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