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100% Natural, Affordable, Suitable to cook and complete protein profile plant based chicken meat alternative.
We believe that plant based diet is not an alternative but this is the only sustainable food option. However in the world with huge diversity of food and extreme economic inequalities, sustaibility goal can not be achieved with expensive limited variety of plant based meat alternative. World need a product which can replace meat with plant based food from everyone's diet. Shandi is helping everyone to reduce meat consumption without compromising with taste and nutrition.
Enabling food producers to turn every meat based food into plant based food without any change in theire recipes. A plant based meat which cooks like meat, taste like meat and textured like meat. Helping consumers to switch to plant based diet while conusming same food they love.
High proteins printed on food product do not make food healthy, proteins are most specialized molecules and delivering very specific benifit. True nutrition is when nutrients get digested easily and our body can absorb them. We are brining bioavailability into food so that consumers not misleaded by showing high amount on the print which are difficult to digest.
We devlope plant proteins which not jut taste and appear like meat but exhibit functional properties like meat. Our unique process of synergizing amino acids derived from plant in the same proportion like meat match meat in taste, texture and functional sttributes. It digest fast making most proteins available for our body, it has flavour in built which develop during cooking like real meat.
To make a real meat alternative we do not require to add any artificial additive because meat properties are built withing.

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