Revolution Gelato

Luxurious organic gelato. Defiantly dairy-free.

Serving our award-winning dairy-free gelato to retail and foodservice customers in the eastern US.

You see, we don’t want to choose between our love of good food and our core values of health, sustainability, and humane living.

Instead, we seek to redefine what is possible in the dairy-free category. We go all-in on taste, with no compromise. We're steadfast in doing the right thing, the right way. In short, we give a damn.

And we believe. We believe in the power of the conscientous consumer. That how you choose to spend your food dollars and what you put into your body makes a meaningful difference.

We're here to make it easy for you.

So this is a dairy-free revolution, yes, but it’s bigger than that. Our revolution is about fundamentally improving our food system and culture from within. We’re part of the growing movement of people fed up with settling – chefs and farmers, journalists and dietitians, parents and students, and people just like you – who are trying to change the status quo.

Gelato is our contribution.

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