Rawckers are us, the raw-vegan couple Stefan and Marisha, passionate about health just like you!
Together we chose a healthy lifestyle but we could never do without the taste of cheese at our table. Curious about adventure, our travels around the world have become a challenge to replace cheese with a healthy, lactose-free and guilt-free alternative!

Guided by creativity, we started looking for recipes that would transform our passion for the delicate taste of cheese into the perfect taste that we wanted for… BRAWNZĂ.
The ideas were left to ferment and, in a short time, Rawckers became the first factory in Romania to produce raw-vegan cheese.

We understand that cashews and almonds are thousands of miles away, but very close to our mission to create a unique, sustainable and versatile product. We experimented, we were inventive and we tested our own recipes, until our first varieties of creamy brawnza, matured brawnza, the one with smoked taste or with aromatic herbs, with black charcoal, onion or chilli were born.

Today, all #Rawckers products have a special taste, drawn from the experiences of those who choose a clean diet, those who fast or simply pamper their taste buds and born out of love for body, soul and environment.

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