Profuse Technology

ProFuse Technology turns the vision of cultivated meat into a reality with its revolutionary solution that enables the price parity of cultured meat with that of animal origin.

The company's technology revolutionizes cultured meat producers’ production method, by shortening the process time, improving the meat quality and increasing yields.

ProFuse's technology is based on a six years groundbreaking study by the Weizmann Institute of Science led by Professor Eldad Tzahor - a world-renowned expert in the field of embryonic development and cell regeneration, Dr. Ori Avinoam who specializes in intercellular fusion and tissue formation, and Dr. Tamar Eigler who specializes in stem cell biology muscle.

The company started operating in 2021 under the leadership of Dr. Tamar Eigler (CTO) and Guy N. Michrowski (CEO), and is funded by the Fresh Start FoodTech Incubator, partnered by Tnuva (Israel’s largest food manufacturer), Tempo (Leading beverage company), OurCrowd's investments' platform and the international AgriFood VC Finistere Ventures.

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