Prairie Fava

Established in 2015 in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Prairie Fava is bringing back the ancient bean and creating demand for fava on plates globally.

As an integrated fava bean company, Prairie Fava thoughtfully guides the supply chain from seed to food production, to develop whole food fava ingredients for its customers. Nutrient rich, functionally versatile, and a smart agronomic choice, fava is the “sustainable pulse to watch” in the plant-based ingredient market.

Seamlessly integrate fava whole beans, splits, flour, grits and flakes into a diverse range of food applications for added nutrition and improved function without compromising taste, colour or aroma. From gluten-free bakery to plant-based meats and more, benefit from Prairie Fava’s expert R&D knowledge and turn fava into a functional tool within your formulation.

For more information about formulating with Prairie Fava’s ingredients, please visit

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