Pokka Sapporo

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage is engaged in the food and beverage business of the Sapporo Group and is engaged in a wide range of food and beverage-related businesses.

Our corporate identity is built upon our corporate brand mark and tagline; the exclamation mark in our tagline is known as “hirameki” in Japanese, which means “inspiration.” As our corporate identity suggests, it is our aim to become a company that realizes dreams through innovative ideas, inspiration and overwhelming passion, and that continues to provide “delicious taste” to our customers.

We have positioned lemons, beverages, soups, and soybeans and chilled meals as our four core businesses. By leveraging our strengths and developing business in response to changes in the business environment, we have raised our corporate value.

Going forward, we will further refine the three capabilities we pride ourselves on: The Power of Discovery, The Power of Excellence and The Power of Creativity we will value the ties we have established with our customers, and we will continue to create delicious new products that enrich and brighten people’s lives.

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