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The Planting Hope Company Inc develops, launches and scales uniquely innovative plant-based and planet-friendly food & beverage brands. Our products fill key needs in the skyrocketing plant-based food & beverage space. Founded by experienced food industry entrepreneurs, The Planting Hope Company Inc is a women-managed and led company, focused on three impact pillars: nutrition, sustainability, and representation.

We’ve cracked the code on plant milk, the biggest overall opportunity in the enormous plant-based space, with our breakthrough Hope & Sesame sesamemilk. Plant-based dairy is projected to reach upwards of $62 billion globally by 2030, and plant milk represents 75% of that market.

Hope and Sesame® sesamemilk fills in giant gaps in the plant milk market for alternatives that are both nutritionally equivalent to dairy milk and planet-friendly. Our sesamemilk contains 8g of complete protein per serving, same as dairy milk, plus it’s an excellent source of Vitamin D and good source of calcium. That’s 8x the protein in most almond and nut milks and 3x the protein in most oat milks.

The sesame crop requires very little water to cultivate, is naturally pest-resistant and can self-pollinate. After sesame seeds are pressed for oil, we make sesamemilk with the rest of the sesame. Almond and nut crops are dependent on pollinators and pesticides, and highly water intensive to grow/process. Oats require substantial water to process enzymatically into oat milk.

Our Hope and Sesame sesamemilk is the world’s first commercialized sesamemilk, deriving core nutrition from sesame seeds, and took more than 4 years of development to perfect. With myriad industry awards behind our products, we’re starting to scale them to retailers and consumers in North America and internationally.

We also offer REAL veggie chips with our brand Mozaics. Most veggie chips are based on a potato powder slurry. Mozaics are popped, not fried and are packed with protein and dietary fiber.

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