Planterra Foods

Planterra Foods is a new, innovative plant-based protein start-up company based in Colorado dedicated to bringing exceptional variety and thoughtful plant-based protein choices - that are beneficial to both you and the planet - to the table. Innovation, convenience and taste are at the forefront of Planterra Foods and OZO™, the first plant-based protein brand Planterra Foods is bringing to market in 2020.

We aspire to be the best plant-based food company and change the future of protein by giving people more delicious choices.

At Planterra Foods, we love food and believe healthy and sustainable plant-based products should never sacrifice taste or simple ingredients.

We are a Colorado-based company full of passionate and positive impact makers. We are go-getters and believe we can always do better. We care about the environment and sustainable food. We are always innovating by using the best in nature in new delicious ways.

That’s why we developed OZO™, to help you eat well, feel better, and live your best. It’s our first line of products where we get to use the best ingredients to deliver unbelievable taste and nutrition, and we’re excited to share it with you. We can help the planet and feed the world by putting delicious meals on the table — today and for generations to come.

For us, it’s all about people who want to eat something that’s full of flavor that’s good for you and the planet. Our goal is to give a boost to flexitarians — people who eat plant-based meals and also enjoy meat or fish — by giving them more delicious plant-based protein choices. Eating delicious food is one of the greatest joys in life, and Planterra Foods is delivering plant-based proteins that are OZO™ good!

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