The next gen plant-based meat combining the power plants and fermentation.

To address climate change PLANETARIANS makes the best meat combining the power of both worlds: plant-based proteins and fermentation. PLANETARIANS developed a zero-waste tech that allows processing multiple types of plant-based protein sources in their native form into alternative meat by fermentation. The resulting product has a meaty texture, umami flavor and lower costs than traditional meats. PLANETARIANS was featured by Good Food Institute and raises funding to launch a manufacturing facility to sell alternative meat on par with beef.

Our plant-based meat has price parity, and eventually superiority, to animal meat without sacrificing product quality.
We are able to achieve this through innovative processing technology that reduces the #1 cost of plant-based meat - plant protein.
Our first product - plant-based whole muscle chicken - can be produced at the same cost as conventionally raised chicken and at a lower cost than leading plant-based analogs.

Clean. None of the chemicals used.
Zero Waste. Protein extraction discards other valuable nutrients such as fiber and loses up to 25% protein during processing. Planetarians keeps all other nutrients in place.
Low Sodium. Soy Concentrates (900mg/100g) and Isolates (1005 mg/100g) are higher in sodium, which is used for leaching. Planetarians’ chemical-free process leaves 3 mg/100g of protein.

Water-efficient. Planetarians’ process uses 7 liters of water only, compared to 30 liter for Concentrates and 40 liters for Isolates per kg of protein.
Methyl-cellulose and Gluten-free. The fiber kept in protein allows creating a muscle-like texture without extra chemicals and keeps the label clean.
Affordable without losing protein quality. The low waste process brings the costs down and makes proteins affordable for consumers.

Planetarians has private labeling services for your whole muscle meat alternative solutions. We offer these product development services for foodservice and retail. Our team of food scientists and process engineers will evaluate your marketing brief and create project proposals that are suitable for your needs in entering the plant-based market.

Services include:
- Evaluation and feedback of marketing brief for feasibility
- Three rounds of development from concept to commercialization
- Natural ingredients and processes
- Cost-effective solutions
- Quick turnaround time

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