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Phyto Corporation is a disruptive food tech company creating the future of food with "PhytoSalt" that can reduce sodium intake by 40%.

Phyto Corporation has developed the world’s first ‘100% plant-based salt’, "PhytoSalt,"​ that is effective on high blood pressure. (Article published:

PhytoSalt is the world’s only ‘natural low-sodium salt’ extracted from Salicornia, a salt-accumulating plant, that overcomes the deadly condition of ‘Salt Stress’ resulting from the excessive salt intake. Salicornia is mass-cultivated by ‘Seawater Agriculture’, which is new agriculture suitable for an age of water and food shortage.

Also, PhytoSalt is a microplastics-free salt.

Phyto Corporation has also developed a new superfood and 'low-calorie flour alternative'​, "PhytoMeal,"​ by de-salting Salicornia. Preclinical trials have revealed PhytoMeal to be effective on obesity. (Article:

Recently Phyto Corporation has developed a plant-derived memory enhancer, "PhytoMemory"​ from Salicornia. (Article:

Phyto Corporation currently holds 35 patents to PhytoSalt, PhytoMeal, PhytoMemory, and other Salicornia-based products. Phyto Corporation received '2019 Korea Outstanding Patents Award' from the Korean government.

Phyto Corporation has further received the ‘Food & Agriculture Science Technology Award,' ‘2014~2016 Technology Development Project Grant,' ‘2015~2017 High Value-Added Food Technology Project Grant I,' ‘2016~2018 High Value-Added Food Technology Project Grant II,' ‘2015 & 2016 Food Functionality Evaluation Project Grants,' '2019~2020 Functional Food Technology Grant,' from the Korean government.

Having been recognized for its product innovation, global patents, and business value, Phyto Corporation has received investments from Oxford Bioscience Partners in the US and Hanwha Investment in South Korea.

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