Phycom is one of Europe’s largest and most innovative producers of algae. Based on experience in the biotech sector, Phycom has developed a sustainable and completely closed production system. Phycom’s cultivation techniques and process technology are highly innovative on the international market. The result is high-quality, food-safe microalgae with superior purity and consistent quality. Phycom is FSSC22000 and GMP+ certified. Drawing on its expertise and experience, Phycom works closely with the food and feed industries to identify innovative product applications using microalgae. The large-scale production of algae also offers economic benefits and excellent delivery reliability. Various social developments and trends have a major impact on the entire food chain. These driving forces influence both food consumption as well as food supply. In the near future we are heading for an imminent food gap: a situation where food supply and demand are in an imbalance. Microalgae promise to play a crucial role in bridging this food gap.

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