PeelPioneers is a start-up that wants to make the difference. Half the weight of an orange is its peel. Every time you drink a liter of juice, there is a kilo of peel left over somewhere. Waste, you will think, and so do most companies. Every year we throw away more than 250 million kilos of citrus peels in the Netherlands. That's more than 10,000 trucks full! A shame, because the peels can also be used as raw material. And this is already happening! In countries where citrus fruits grow ( Brazil & Florida) the peels are used to extract valuable raw materials. Nowhere in the world does this happen with peels that are thrown away every day at supermarkets and restaurants. PeelPioneers is going to change this. PeelPioneers processes Dutch peels and extracts raw materials that can be used in various industries.
For example, we are switching from waste to raw materials and PeelPioneers contributes to the circular economy.

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