Organic Nectars

We are culinary enthusiasts located in the bucolic Hudson Valley region of NY. Our mission is to create the most delicious, nutritionally optimized plant-based sweets and treats, using the highest quality organic, gluten-free ingredients.

After busy careers traveling around the world in the music and entertainment businesses we dove deep into studying nutrition and a variety of world cuisines. During that time we were introduced to the wonderful world of low fermentation vegan foods, which is comprised of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

In the process we discovered a number of wonderfully delicious and healthy ingredients and food preparation processes. In addition to wanting to introduce the rest of the world to these vegan ingredients, we also saw a need to help cut through the clutter of all the so-called healthy products and enable discerning palettes everywhere to easily find incredibly tasty better-for-you foods.

So in late 2004 Organic Nectars was born, with the goal of offering a small, select quantity of only the very finest organic, plant-based, gluten-free products that are truly healthy, environmentally friendly and, of course, delicious.

From our line of organic low-glycemic sweeteners and dessert syrups to our multi-award winning Cashewtopia gelato made from cashews to our coconut sugar sweetened chocolate and cold-pressed criollo cacao products, Organic Nectars is dedicated to delivering the finest quality artisanal plant-based foods on the planet!

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