OPW Ingredients

OPW Ingredients GmbH is a medium-sized wholesaler and production company for vegetable specialties such as oils, proteins and baking mixes. We are certified according to the quality management systems IFS Food and ISO 9001: 2015 and distribute our vegetable raw materials internationally in the areas of: food, animal feed, cosmetics, pharmacy and technical industry.

The versatile application possibilities and variations of our products like black cumin oil, rose hip kernel oil, almond oil or almond protein inspire us every day anew. This passion is also reflected in the unique taste of our high-quality specialties and is the reason for the expansion of our business model - from a wholesaler to a manufacturer of vegetable oils and fats.

Through a patented manufacturing process, our oilseeds are pressed at very low temperatures. Valuable nutrients, vitamins and the natural taste are thus completely preserved. In another production step, the oil press cake is ground to a fine flour and used as a gluten-free, vegan ingredient in baked goods, cereals or animal feed.

If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal and advise you on finding the right products for your application.

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