Omeat is an innovative food startup at the forefront of revolutionizing cultivated meat production. Committed to their mission, they strive to provide a tantalizing, affordable, and exceptionally sustainable alternative to traditional meat production, completely eliminating the need for animal sacrifice.

At the core of Omeat's operations is a proprietary process that harnesses the inherent regenerative properties found within cows' plasma, stimulating cell growth. Through this cutting-edge methodology, they have successfully developed a cost-effective growth media that serves as a viable substitute for fetal bovine serum, enabling the cultivation of a diverse array of meat varieties. This process uses no GMOs, immortalized cells, engineered ingredients, antibiotics, or hormones

Established in 2020 by the world-renowned tissue biologist Dr. Ali Khademhosseini, Omeat is headquartered in Los Angeles. With their primary focus on constructing a pilot plant and rapidly expanding their highly skilled team, they are diligently preparing for commercial readiness and a future where sustainable and ethical cultivated meat is readily available.

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