Off-Piste Provisions

We’re a plant-based meat Impact Venture from Aotearoa New Zealand, offering protein seekers, independent thinkers and eco-warriors an alternate route from the status quo to a more optimistic future, hitting all the epic spots along the way.

Starting with protein packed snacks, Off-Piste Provisions are playing our part in creating a sustainable plant-based food system that provides a thriving planet for all. We are achieving this by sustainably integrating the most wholesome ingredients with world leading food technologies to provide smart, affordable nutrition solutions for those on a plant-based journey.

We’re not here to say meat is bad, living in the burbs is boring or to be a good human you have to be vegan. We’re here to provide an epic alternate to the everyday, bring farmers along for the journey, create an exclusively inclusive club for those who make the switch and have a good time while we’re at it.

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