NRGene is a genomic big data company that support the global breeding industry boost the development of new plant and animal varieties by developing cutting edge predictive computational methods. NRGene's proprietary algorithms and software tools serve the rapidly expanding genomics market and replace the long and expensive processes of random field selection with big data based predictions. NRGene’s products and services have been confirmed by the top breeding entities world-wide and were proved to be able analyze the most genetically complex and diverse species including wheat and maize. As a result, NRGene's products have been quickly adopted by leading seed companies, academia and NGOs worldwide.
NRGene has already sold software and services to some of the largest global commercial breeding entities and to the leading academic institutions worldwide, and is expecting to rapidly grow its sales to those sectors.
The revolution in high-throughput sequencing technologies has enabled faster and cheaper collection of massive amounts of DNA sequence data. However, integrating and using the data to accelerate breeding practices remains the key challenge. NRGene’s GenoMAGICTM platform analyzes very large sets of DNA data and uniquely combines it with the organism's performance data. For example, this platform detects "genetic recipes"​ to optimize the genetic makeup of plants within specific breeding programs. Such tailor-made "recipes"​ enable seed companies to: a) Quickly detect multiple favorable individuals that may be further selected through a conventional breeding process, b) Expedite the time to market of new varieties, c) Identify in vivo validated genes for given traits through mass genomic analyses of breeding populations, and d) Use the identified genes to drive development of new products via GM. NRGene has demonstrated the ability to decipher even the most complex genomes and discover the genomic elements that control commercially important traits.

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