NovoNutrients is a fundamentally new way to make the building blocks of food, using natural microbes to break down molecules and reassemble them into lowest-cost feed and food ingredients. The process's key inputs are hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Those untreated, waste emissions of CO2 can come from industrial production of cement, ethanol, pulp, paper, fuels, or many other products. Gasification, SMR, and electrolysis (of water) all produce hydrogen. The latter means our tech will be a conduit from generating clean power to storing food energy. Advantaged in cost, quality, and sustainability, we’ll initially disrupt the aquaculture portions of two large feed ingredient markets: additives and “fishmeal”, the protein feed ingredient made from fish (soon $40B and $12B, respectively). Our initial market focus is protein for seafood farming, but the company is also starting to put similar resources into developing products to accelerate a global transition away from all conventional meat and fish.

[Oakbio, Inc. doing business as NovoNutrients]

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